5 Elements of Body and Soul Balance

13-20 April

A full week of body and soul training based on Wu Xing ( 5 Elements ) practices and theories. Program built on Thai Chi and QiGong sessions and morning workouts for training your body. İt is also includes meditation and art practices for your soul.

Yoga & Fitness

For a restful soul and a healthy body

You want some invigorating activities? You can fill your day to make your holiday more enjoyable and alive. You can join our fitness instructor's daily sessions, choose among Yoga, breathing sessions, morning walking or jogging, aquafit, circle gym, cardio exercises which are available in our weekly activity schedule. Up to date activity plan will be provided, during your stay at The Vegan Lodge.

Culinary workshops

Gastronomic experiences

The Vegan Lodge isn't only the perfect place to make new friends, you also have the chance to improve your practice and knowledge of vegan cuisine. You are welcome to join our culinary workshops, which will take place in several variations and periods. You will love the opportunity to learn cooking and also to refresh your knowledge about proper nutrition and healthy way of eating.

Culinary workshop dates will be announced on our web page and our social media sites.